Mikindani's women’s sewing enterprise

EdUKaid is developing an exciting new venture supporting the women of Mikindani to set up a sewing enterprise.  This new project will provide local women with the space, tools, training and support they need to create clothes for their families and generate a small income by selling items both locally and in the UK.

Isolated rural areas such as Mtwara have some of the worst gender equality records in the world.  Less than 1 in 10 women will have completed their education and over a third will be marred and have children by the age of 18.  Most of the women living in Mikindani have little or no cash income - they live off the land and sea trading mangos and fish for grain.

By providing women and girls with education and meaningful occupation, they are empowered to take greater control of their lives.  

Your support will enable women living in Mikindani to learn new skills and develop a sense of self-worth.  This, in turn, will ensure that their children have the chance of a better future.

Please donate, or if you'd rather, fundraising is a great way to get others involved too.