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A Partnership that Makes a Lasting Difference

Partnering with EdUKaid will bring about many lasting benefits to your company/organisation whilst helping to improve the teaching and learning environment in schools in the Mtwara region of Tanzania.

Some of our current and existing partners...

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  Why partner with EdUKaid?

In Tanzania, there is a desperate need to improve education. Education is a key foundation for development - its positive impacts include: the creation of a literate and pro-active workforce for the economy; the strengthening of democracy and accountability; and ultimately the reduction of poverty.

EdUKaid’s mission is to improve the provision and quality of education in the developing world. We believe that to learn is to live.

Working with EdUKaid brings our partners more than just a sense of social responsibility:

Strengthen your brand - your association with a small, focused grassroots charity will demonstrate your social awareness to your staff, customers and your wider stakeholders/networks.

Help build your internal relations– motivate your employees, improve teamwork, improve morale, retain the best staff, attract the best candidates. In short, make people feel happier to work for you/ be associated with you and your organisation/brand.

More for your money – EdUKaid prioritises sustainability and transparency, so you can be sure that you will be making a difference long after your initial contribution. This gives you a huge social return on your investment.

Proven 'track record' – Established in 2003, to date EdUKaid have upgraded and renovated 12 primary schools in the Mtwara region and currently support over 65 children to go to school. In addition EdUKaid have also successfully managed several corporate partnerships including The Incisive Media Foundation, and Affinity Search Ltd. Combining development with business means that we can address the injustice of unequal access to education whilst also meeting your business objectives.

Working with Schools

EdUKaid work with children that are currently supporting Primary and Secondary level education in Tanzania. With that, it only seems natural to want to communicate the work we do with children and young people in the UK educational system – and see what they think of EdUKaid!

Building relationships with UK schools is a fantastic way to share ideas and expertise; constantly exchanging and sharing information between the charity and school.

Making this international connection with Primary Schools in Tanzania can inspire young minds at your school to want to act, be motivated, learn more, or even organise their own events, however big or small.

Since 2014 we have had a partnership with Amble Links First School. This fantastic school has not only raised money through pj days (shown in the photos below) but have also agreed to donate 5% of what they raise each year to us! We are thrilled to have this ongoing partership and the money raised will make a huge difference to the schools in Tanzania. 


Information for schools

Are you a teacher that’s interested in involving EdUKaid at your school? Are you a student that wants to organise a Fundrasier? Would you like somebody from EdUKaid to come and speak with your class about what we do in Tanzania? Do you want to support, and not sure where to go about organising a fundraiser at your School?

If you have any questions or want to speak with us about ways that EdUKaid could partner with your School, please contact Teresa, EdUKaid's Project Coordinator on 

We want to hear from you!

What do partnerships with EdUKaid look like?

They each are different. We recognise that your charitable activities or wider Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is unique, because we know that your company/organisation, its objectives and its values are unique. This is why we at EdUKaid work closely with each of our partners to develop individual programmes, projects or events that fit with each organisation.

We use a variety of ideas to maximise the mutual benefits of our relationships with corporate partners:

  • Corporate donations: a simple way to help projects (develop more pre primary classes, provide equipment, or sponsor individual children).  For example, £180 will create an opportunity for a child to go to school for 1 year, £1,500 will fill a classroom with new resources, desks, cupboards, blackboard and books (including making the roof wall and floor good), and £10,000 will build a pre primary classroom and upgrade classrooms providing all necessary resources. You could even renovate a whole school like the Incisive Media Foundation have pledged in 2012, which includes upgrading teachers’ housing and providing adequate latrines (toilets) est £30,000.
  • Support EdUKaid (local) Tanzanian staff: as much as possible we recruit local staff to deliver our projects. You might be a  company with building or construction expertise and are able to provide us with valuable advice/support with our building processes. Or for example as a recruitment consultancy you may like to be associated with one of our team and help mentor them in in HR or staff development.  In 2012 EdUKaid started a new project to provide vocational opportunities for the local youth in Mikindani, Mtwara. For example £250 will support a student through a two year training course in carpentry or masonry.
  • Fundraising events: we have a calendar of events you can get involved with, or we can help you create your own. From cake bakes, sports and activity days, to pub-quizzes, sponsored physical challenges, auctions. There are endless possibilities for interesting, fun and engaging events that bring employees together, increase your profile, demonstrate your values to your customers and make a massive difference to our beneficiaries.
  • Gifts in kind/pro bono: We are always looking for professional volunteers with a whole range of expertise including video editing, marketing, communications, public relations, strategic advice, human resources, administration, research, legal, accounting and other areas.
  • Cause-related marketing: Do you have offices in or products from Africa? Are you looking to expand into African markets? Do you specialise in products for children? Do you provide training or education services? If so you can use your association with EdUKaid to intrigue your customers, demonstrate your social awareness and ultimately boost your sales. Put our logo on your packaging, on your e-mails, in your annual report, at your checkouts - create a buzz that will benefit both your business and the education of hundreds of the poorest children in the world.
  • Charity of the Year: your support through one of these programmes will make a tangible difference to EdUKaid. Although we are a small and flexible organisation, we have the experience, expertise, imagination and resources to effectively manage this kind of partnership and help you focus, engage and energise your employees. 

We will issue regular feedback and progress updates about projects on the ground, and keep your objectives at the forefront of our minds.

To discuss how you too could partner with EdUKaid and join this list, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call 01725 514 612.

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