Vocational Training Project

In 2013, which happened to be EdUKaid's tenth consecurtive year supporting educational initiatives we introduced a NEW vocational training project for older students in the Mikindani area.

This project aims to give young adults the opportunity of gaining employment through vocational training; young adults that may have missed the opportunity of support through EdUKaid’s Child sponsorship programme. By ultimately bridging the gap between education and employment, EdUKaid continue to take small sustainable steps to improving lives in Southern Tanzania.

EdUKaid have, and continue to support 17 youths from Mikindani through vocational training. Their courses vary, and include; Mechanical training, Building and Construction, Pre primary Teaching, and Accountancy. Throughout the project we have had some great feedback from students and their teachers.

One of the first youths to join the programme in January 2013, Hajra, secured a position as a Pre-primary Teaching Assistant in May 2014 following her training - an incredible achievment!

If you, your business, a family member or friend would be interested in sponsoring a student through vocational training, get in touch today; or if you think you could run an event or have any fundraising ideas to support this project then contact us on admin@edukaid.com

Meet the Trainees

Anna Lusambo

Anna Lusambo

Anna is 17 years old and attended Sababa Secondary school in Mtwara. Anna came to the EdUKaid office and was extremely keen to be considered for the vocational training programme. Anna is now well in to her three year Accountancy course at the Tanzanian Institute of Accountancy.

We will keep you updated on her progress.

Sikudhani Issa

Sikudhani Issa

Sikudhani is 20 years old and completed her Secondary education at Mikindani school. Sikudhani really wanted to continue onto Vocational Training College but couldn't make a fluent transition from Secondary school due to a lack of funds. After successfully completing an application and attending an interview with EdUKaid's Tanzanian Chair and Project Manager, Sikudhani began her training at Goshen College in Mtwara in January 2013. 

A few months into her course, EdUKaid's Tanzanian Project Manager caught up with Sikudhani to see how she was doing. Sikudhani explained that,

“I had never imagined I could receive this level of training and experience. Opportunities like this don't happen to people in my village, my whole community is so happy, not just me.”

Since completing her pre-primary teaching course at Goshen College, Sikudhani has secured a position as a Pre-primary Teaching Assistant at Mitengo Primary School.

Yusuph Hamisi

Yusuph Hamisi

Yusuph is 22 years of age and completed Form 4 in Mikindani Secondary. He really wanted to go to VETA to undertake a Building and Construction course. When he found out EdUKaid were introducing this new programme in 2013, Yusuph grasped this opportunity; submitted an application and he started his course in January 2013.

EdUKaid's Project Coordinator caught up with Yusuph to find out how he was getting on and what sort of things he has been learning.

I now understand the different ratios of cement and sand when making different strength blocks for building- I use and understand uses of different tools used in masonry and brick laying.”