Time's ticking away until Becky climbs Kilimanjaro...December 3 2012

I have been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. This has been due to a Kili trip glitch, rather than a training related injury (although there is still time for that)! The company we were going with pulled out of the trip and it's taken quite some time (and tears) but we now are back on track and still going in February. 

This minor glitch has meant the training has been a little slack as it was uncertain as to whether it was necessary as we may not have been going. For all those that know me, any excuse not to do exercise is grabbed onto for dear life so aside from the odd spin, not much else has been done and my 'no drinking' rule went right out the window (on day 3). 

HOWEVER now we are back on track and the step machine in the gym, although hated with a passion, is getting some good use. Funny how it is always available for me to use. I am up to 35 minutes and aiming to be up to 45 by Christmas. Sunday saw a very very cold 10 mile walk - see picture. Now if that's not dedication I don't know what is. 

The no drinking is the next thing to give some more thought to..(might be worth a mention here that the 10 mile walk ended in the pub and the need for a taxi home..)!



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