The Value of Community in TanzaniaFebruary 23 2017

From helping teachers to digging foundations, the local communities in Tanzania do rather a lot. Here are a few examples: 

Making Porridge - The school day is extra-long when no food is available for the children. At some of our partner schools parents have clubbed together so they can provide porridge for the children part way through the day. 

Painting Classrooms - The husband of one of our pre-primary teachers has been painting the pre-primary classrooms for us.


Painting the Pre-Primary Classroom

Helping Pre-primary Teachers - Recently we have invited parents to our community centre to learn the basics of pre-primary teaching - enabling them to help out teachers. They have also been making basic resources, essential for Montessori teaching, where children learn through play.

A parent helping to make resources

Attending Meetings - When we decide to do a whole school development on a school we invite the local community to meet with our Tanzanian staff so they can find out about what will happen and if they can help. There is always a big turn out!

Digging Foundations: Before our fundi can start building classrooms and latrines, the commmunity step in to dig foundations. The photo below shows the local community from Mnaida Primary digging foundations for new teacher latrines. 


Local community of Mnaid digging foundations for teacher latrines

Fundraising - At the same time as holding pre-primary graduations to celebrate the youngest members of the school move to standard 1, the local community's have also fundraised. Last year, Singino Primary raised £50 during their celebrations. This money will enable them to buy porridge for the children. 


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