The story of RahaleoFebruary 4 2016

"Signs are to eyes what words are to ears" Ken Glickman

Fidea, a friend of EdUKaid's who lives in Mikindani, approached us in February 2014. Her son had attended a school in the local town Mtwata, called Rahaleo which educated deaf children. The school was unsupported and had little facilities. Fidea wondered if we would be able to help.

The EdUKaid team set out to visit Rahaleo and found that the school needed some rounded desks so that they could see each other sign. We set up the Mustafa fund (named after Fidea's son) and raised money to firstly provide these essential desks. We now also provide a full meal of rice, beans and spinach during the school day for the children. Fidea continues to oversee the project and the spending of monthly donations. 



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