The Story of MgaoMarch 4 2015


45 Minutes of dusty tracks takes us to the rural and poor, yet rather beautiful village of Mgao. A costal village, the picturesque beach is quite a contrast to the mud huts and old school buildings. Before 2011 children were packed into damaged buildings with broken desks and unusable blackboards. A large building to the back of the school stood abandoned and run down. The teachers, clearly unmotivated, often didn’t turn up. A group of eager pre-primary students sat in their uniforms under a tree and with no teacher.

We realised the difference that EdUKaid could make to the school and in 2011 made some big changes.

The old building once abandoned is now full of laughter and signing. This classroom belongs to the youngest children in the school, who not only have a classroom but a teacher and teaching assistant too. The primary children sit two to a desk in safe buildings with teachers in attendance regularly. All 300+ students have access to porridge now too, as provided by the local community.

Of course it has been a number of years since the original renovation and this poor rural school could do with a bit more help. In April 2014 during a community meeting, which included the street chairman, the village chief and parents from the school, these issues were discussed. This was mainly about the leaky roofs and holes in the floor. It was decided that EdUKaid would provide the material and the community would do the work.

A school which once struggled with community involvement now has parents providing food for all year groups and who are willing to get involved in work for the school. What a fantastic thriving community!


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