Singino Schools Success StoryApril 17 2013

When we visited Mikindani in February '13 it was inevitable that we would be making a visit to Singino Primary School – a school that EdUKaid have supported, renovated and partnered with since 2009.


Mr Fidelis, EdUKaid’s Tanzanian Chair is also the Headmaster at Singino School. His wife, Maisha is EdUKaid’s Pre-primary Coordinator and Singino's Pre-primary Teacher.

Recently we had noticed that the numbers of children attending the Pre-primary class and Primary School had risen rather quickly (moreso at Pre-primary and the Standards one to three). We asked Mr Fidelis why this was and he told us that Singino's external examination results are have been on the increase. Parents are bypassing a more local school and sending their child to Singino because of this very reason.

A Singino Pre primary early learner

When we got the stats – it was evident! Not only were student numbers increasing with a similar number of teachers; but Singino’s pass rate in Standard 4 and 7 (externally examined years) exceeded, by far the average in the Mtwara region as a whole.

Maisha in her Pre-primary class at Singino

This year we have seen that almost all children passing their standard seven exams from Singino made the transition to Secondary school, despite the continual challenges including it's rural location.

Mr Fidelis, Singino Headteacher

This transition stage (especially in rural areas) is usually when a child or young person would finish their education. This is because their costs and fee’s goes up, the distance to travel increases and for many families, carrying on to Secondary education isn’t a feasible option.


A renovated classroom at Singino Primary

It is here that we believe Mr Fidelis, Maisha and the Singino Primary teachers play a huge part in inspiring the children to achieve – achieve to the best of their own ability. Their passion for education is incredible and they truly are the driving force behind Singino’s success!


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