School Development Project - We Don't Stop There!April 28 2017

The EdUKaid team have begun work on our 15th School Development Project, Mkunwa Primary. But, what comes after renovations? Well, it’s only the start for us. In our small corner of Tanzania, it is essential to make the biggest impact possible. With the schools being so rural, this is easier said than done. However, we are always introducing new projects which benefit the schools, the children, the teacher’s and in fact, the whole community.

  • Community Projects

In Tanzania, the community are hugely important. We involve them from the very start by arranging a meeting to discuss the plans for the school. From there, they get involved in all sorts, from digging foundations for buildings to creating resources for classrooms. It's a huge joint effort resulting in much lower costs, happy staff and an engaged community. 

  • Maintenance Projects

The schools in Tanzania face many challenges, for example, extreme weather which damages the buildings and unexpected growing class sizes. To meet these challenges, we have set up the maintenance project. This project varies depending what challenges the schools are up against. Without keeping an eye on schools which have already been renovated, they would gradually get worse. The maintenance project can include anything from building outdoor shelters (important when class sizes swell) to fixing a whole in the roof (often due to storms).

  • Staff Meetings

You can feel rather isolated when you are a teacher in Tanzania. With limited training available and the realities of village life, they do not get the chance to improve their teaching. We wanted to help with this. And so, we set up regular meetings. The pre-primary teachers and assistants meet to learn English and to discuss lesson ideas. The head teachers meet with each other and local Community Education Officers to see where they can make the biggest impact. The pre-primary teachers meet with standard one and two teachers to ensure the children’s smooth transition from pre-primary to primary. These meetings are held in our community centre in the heart of Mikindani, and we fund lunch and travel so all the participants can make it. 

  • The WASH Project

Access to drinking water and sanitation is a huge problem in remote villages right across Africa. There are some simple things we can do. The WASH project (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) was introduced to our schools a few years ago. Firstly, guttering and sim tanks are installed. Rainwater is collected in the sim tanks and filtered so it can be used. When we renovate a school we also need to renovate the latrines, which often have doors missing, no taps, and in the worst cases, a roof or wall has collapsed. Alongside this, the team install tippy taps, a simple device made from a plastic bottle and some wood to hold it in place.

These projects continue to make such a huge different to communities in Tanzania. It is not just the school who benefits but the whole village. Thank you for your support, without it, this wouldn’t be possible.


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