Naumbu Primary - From Start to Finish April 7 2016

We have regonised that the learning environment plays a big part in the success of children’s education. Back in 2001 free education for primary school children in Tanzania was introduced and the now the attendance at those schools is fantastic. But the conditions of them, particularly the most rural, is poor. Students and teachers are faced with run down classrooms, broken desks, little access to clean water/latrines and some of them are without a classroom or teacher.

11 schools in Tanzania have benefited from our school’s development projects. The latest is Naumbu Primary. We are early on in the development of this school so keeping checking back to this blog to see the progress. 

1. First things first, which school needs help? Rural Naumbu Primary is in much need of renovation as seen from the very first visit in 2008.


2. Naumbu was still on our minds in 2012 when we went back to visit however with a list of schools to renovate we couldn’t help just yet.


3. Last year our School Builds Coordinator Ally Muhsini took his fundi team to do an audit and calculate how much money we needed for the project. The hard work of raising funds for Naumbu had already begun.

4. In early March, the rural community of Naumbu and the teaching staff were invited to the school for a meeting and plans were finalised for the development of the school. 

5. The fundi team have clearly started the development when the UK team visit towards the end of March. 

6. Serious work has started on the latrines 

7. Building work has come on along way and now the latrines are painted!


8. The ouside of the building is coming along as well.

9. And now the renovations are complete! On the outside...


And in...

10. The Tanzanian team have also presented a hygiene workshop and installed tippy taps for the children to use.



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