Mambo Mikindani, February 2014March 14 2014

In mid-February Tim and Clare travelled toTanzania to catch up with EdUKaid’s growing Tanzanian team and to spend some time visiting EdUKaid partner schools in and around Mikindani.

Catch up with their trip in pictures…

Within an hour of reaching Mikindani, and after a 26 hour journey from the UK they were off to Mnaida Primary School where Ally and his fundi team are currently working. Being only a 5 minute walk from the house, they just couldn't resist...


They visited freshly renovated Lwelu Primary School and the new pre-primary class.


...and here they watched children filling up their plastic cups and drinking from the water collection and storage system installed by Ally Mushini and his Fundi team in December 2013. 


Clare, Ally, and his head carpenter and mason made the trip off road to Mkangala Primary School - a school EdUKaid is hoping to support later in 2014. They met with the deputy Head-teacher and teaching staff and carried out a full audit of the work needed at the tired looking and dilapidated school. There was a desperate need for the construction of a pre-primary classroom with 35 pre-primary students sharing a classroom with the 99 standard 1 students. 


After a days work, there was always time for an hour or two playing hopscotch, and catching up with the local children outside EdUKaid House.


Tim visited Rahaleo Deaf Unit in Mtwara with local villager and friend Fidea, whose son had attended this school before moving onto board at a secondary school in another region. Children with hearing disabilities of all ages were in a single classroom. Tim and the teachers discussed how some very simple and basic equipment and support could make a huge impact to the children; like trapazoid designed desks and making a partition in the classroom so children of different ages and levels can have their own blackboard and area to learn.


They spent time meeting with Maisha the pre-primary Cooridnator, and seperately the pre-primary team; Head-teachers from EdUKaid partner schools and the Tanzanian board of Trustee's; and worked closely with Jaylani, Ally, Ally Simba and Mohamed who continue to astound them with the incredible coordination and management of the projects in Tanzania.




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