J.K Rowling donates secret book to EdUKaid for auctionJuly 19 2013

A Cuckoo Called on Mikindani

EdUKaid is delighted to announce that it has been gifted a first edition of JK Rowling’s latest bestseller, the only book in existence to be signed with the names of both ‘authors’.  

It will be auctioned on eBay to raise funds for our work to improve and develop education in schools in Mikindani, one of Tanzania’s poorest regions.

This astonishing coup will allow us to work with villagers, renovating schools, encouraging and motivating teachers and students, working with the local community to take small sustainable steps to a better future.

This unexpected Cuckoo’s Call on Mikindani will help transform lives.



The first edition book by “Robert Galbraith” was given to us by Maggie Darling,.  a friend of JK Rowling’s and a supporter of our work,.  On a recent visit to help friends volunteering in the area, she came across one of our team, working on the ground with villagers and visited one of the schools in the area, Mnaida primary school.

She decided to raise funds to help EdUKaid upgrade the most basic of buildings.  Ms Rowling offered her a signed book to help.

This week, after the true identity of the mystery writer was revealed, Ms Rowling very kindly gave us a unique copy,  the first and so far the only first edition to be signed with both names.

Maggie Darling said:  “Jo knows the value of education.  She was a teacher. 

Her very special gift will allow EdUKaid and the community to put electricity, water, sanitation, blackboards, into schools like Mnaida.

“It costs approximately £30,000 to transform a school and it also gives work to locals in an area where people scratch a hard living from the earth.  The villagers and the children have little except hope.

“It would be wonderful if the auction which will be seen around the world can help to see some of those hopes realised.”

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For further information about EdUKaid or the eBay auction, please contact: 

Tim Varney, Chair of Trustees

Email: edukaid1@gmail.com Website: www.edukaid.com

  • The item will be listed on eBay on Friday 19th July 2013
  • J K Rowling's PA has provided a letter of authenticity for the book in support of the ebay auction.
  • To support  Mnaida School go to Maggie Darling's Fundraising Page: Sunshine on Mikindani:http://www.justgiving.com/maggie-darling


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