Celebrating World Youth Skills DayJuly 17 2017

Saturday marked World Youth Skills Day, a day to discuss the importence of youth and their role in todays working world. In 2015, 71 million young people were estimated to be unemployed. But why is this? Many have suggested that a solution to this problem could be equipping the youth of today with the skills they need to be employable. In Tanzania, where only 30% of children go to secoundary school, young people miss out on the vital skills needed to work. 

EdUKaid started the vocational training project in order to help young people progress in their working life. In celebration of World Youth Skills Day we have decided to share two case studies of fantastic students who are on their way to a brighter future.

Daudi -

A few years ago Daudi came to the EdUKaid offices to ask for some help. He has been supported by EdUKaid through primary and secondary school. Now however, after getting fantastic results, he decided he wanted to take up a career in medicine. While the motivation and talent were there, the cost of university was too much. Knowing what we had to raise we sent out a request to our supporters asking if anyone would like to support Daudi with his studies. We managed to get enough funding and Daudi is soon to start his fourth and year. He hopes to specialise in child medicine in the near future.

Daudi said "I'm doing well with my studies. Like two month ahead I will be comleting my third year ready to start the forth one. Thank you EdUKaid for fulfilling my dream."

Anna - 

Five years ago Anna was at risk of dropping out of school and felt she had no future. With our support, Anna completed her education and is now studying to be an accountant. 

It is with huge thanks to our supporters that we are able to support young people such as Daudi and Anna, giving them the opportunity to learn the skills they need to break out of the extreme poverty their families have been experiencing for generations. 

If you would like to make a donation for our sponsored students then head over to just giving.


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