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On the 30th March the EdUKaid Fundraisers 5 x 50 team set out on a challenge. A challenge that was going to rip cartilages, stiffen knees, and cause slipped disc’s, but do think that would stop them? Absolutely not!

The team had to either run, walk, swim or cycle 5km everyday for 50 days. This wasn’t 5km between them, this was 5km each, everyday!

In doing so they wanted to raise funds for EdUKaid’s projects in Tanzania, and this they have definitely done. To date, the total raised stands at £2405.00.

We thought that the best way to give you a real taste of the struggles, pain, sweat and triumph that the team members felt throughout, and following the challenge would be to bring them straight to you.

But first off, from all of us at EdUKaid in the UK and in Tanzania, we want to say a massive thank you to Becky, Paul, Glenn, George, Ruth, Teresa, Kevin, Tim and Clare for putting their trainers on, taking part in the challenge, and pushing forward EdUKaid’s cause.

Find out how Glenn got on…

There is an old saying that as you get older not only do policeman look younger, but time speeds up. I have recently discovered that the best way to slow down time, is to undertake something like a  5 x 50. Never has 50 days felt more like 50 years. When Becky did her charming best to twist my arm up and out of my armchair, I thought “How hard can it be ?” 5 km is after all only 3.2 miles which is a quick jog down to my local off license (via the kebab shop)

Having not done any exercise of any kind for years I was confident that there would be no need for any pre-preparation. Slipping into a pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old Heineken T-shirt I left the house for a pre-measured distance and discovered, after about a mile that my trainers weren’t up to the task, followed shortly by the realisation that nor were my legs. Having persevered and arrived back at the house to be greeted by my wife with a look on her face that she normally reserves for victims of muggings, I laid in the bath and wondered if it would be acceptable to complete the 50 x 5 by car.

After wallowing in self-loathing that such a short distance could cause so much distress and berating myself for the years of physical abuse and lack of exercise that could have reduced me to such a physical wreck, I came to the conclusion that it was actually a message from God (or Tim Varney) that I needed to use this task to get myself in shape. And so, with a new found resolve, like all of us, I set about getting through it. I’d like to say that it got easier, or it made me feel fitter, or I enjoyed the experience but none of this would be true.

Ultimately however I have to say there is some intense pleasure to be derived from telling people that I have completed a 5x50 for such an excellent cause as EdUKaid. So, thank you Tim, thank you Becky and well done team. I have earned the right to be gloriously smug….at the expense of both of my cartilages.  A price I am happy to pay! 

Catch up with Becky’s thoughts post challenge…

50 days of 5ks? That seemed reasonable to me. But in fact it was MUCH harder than expected, mainly from a time point of view. Finding 30 mins to put aside each day is harder than you think…..and you can’t just go for a run, you have to factor in showering after it and eating around it…. But it has been a great challenge and I feel fitter and healthier. And the best thing is that we raised money for such an important charity.

Teresa and Kevin had a few injuries (and Prosecco’s) along the way but this didn’t stop them…

"Some things seem like a good idea when you are on Facebook having drunk a few glasses of wine - then the reality begins!!!!  We started off well and enjoyed the challenge but began to struggle around 20 days in.  Kevin had aching knees but kept going and I slipped a disc in my back which meant I had to modify my exercise routine - but I kept going.  Becky and I even managed t do our 5k going from bar to bar along the Southbank drinking Prosecco along the way!!  Great sense of achievement to get to the end and, between Kevin and I, we raised over £300 for a fantastic cause."

There will be more from Paul coming soon so make sure you come back to catch up on the blog in a few days.

This challenge wasn’t a case of going fast, this was about stamina, commitment and team morale.

We believe, and the 5 x 50 team proved true...

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” 

The challenge may be over, but you can still support this challenge and the incredible effort the EdUKaid's fundraisers team put in, click Here to make a donation on the teams JustGiving page.


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