A day in the life of an EdUKaid pre-primary student.January 21 2014

A day in the life of an EdUKaid pre-primary student

Taliki is five years old and attends one of EdUKaid’s pre-primary classes.

It is early morning in Mikindani and like most other children Taliki has an early start. He’s awake at 6am helping his mother sweep their hut and collect water from the nearby well. This water will last the family for a day, to wash, cook, clean and to drink.

By 7am, Taliki has to think about leaving for school with his older brother, Hamisi, who is nine. Taliki doesn’t have breakfast most mornings but he knows now that he will get a bowl of porridge at school. Since EdUKaid helped his school last year, local parents are now helping and paying to feed the children every morning.

Taliki walks for 45 minutes through the local mud villages to get to school. At this time in the morning the village is very lively! There is the sound of roosters singing, a call to prayer from the nearby mosque and groups of children laughing and chattering on their walk to school.

Now almost 8am, and in the warming sun, Taliki and his brother reach school. He waves bye to his brother and arranges to meet him under a tree to walk home later in the day. The pre-primary teachers are arriving; they’re unlocking the classrooms and opening the wooden shutters. Children are now coming from everywhere; other pre-primary children join Taliki and his friends in an orderly queue at the pre-primary classroom door.

Mrs Muamba, Taliki’s class teacher, opens the door. She sings.

“Karibuni, Karibuni, welcome, welcome.”     

The children repeat in chorus whist taking off their shoes outside and then form a big circle in the classroom. The lesson has started.

It isn’t long before the sounds of beautiful singing, rhythmical clapping, and gentle beating drums echo around the school grounds. Taliki and his class friends learn and sing songs and dance out their actions. The songs are about things they can do when they play, ways they can help at home, how to stay clean – by doing things like washing your hands and cleaning your teeth.

Using resources that were donated to the classroom, children take it in turns to stand in the middle of the circle, and using wooden letter shapes, they sing the alphabet, pointing to big letters and small letters as they go along.

“Big letter “A” and a small letter “a”

It wasn’t long until it was Taliki’s turn, he was so excited! At the top of his voice and pitch perfect, he led the class in song from A-Z.

It was 10am, and time for porridge. One by one, and with Taliki near the front of the queue, the class collected and rinsed their bowls before they were filled with warm porridge. Like Taliki, some of the children in Taliki’s class may not have eaten since the day before so they were really looking forward to their porridge.

Back to the classroom. Once settled, Mrs Muamba told the class to go and collect three small stones and a strong stick each from outside and then return to the circle in the classroom. They had to go quietly, and quickly. When back in the circle, every child was given an empty bottle. After putting their stones in their bottles, the children would shake the bottles, and tap them with a stick on the side. This meant that every child had an instrument, and together all the children joined in creating a wonderful, energy filled, musical morning.

When midday was approaching, all the children assisted the teacher and assistant in tidying the classroom, dusting off any resources and putting everything away safely.

After waiting for his brother to finish school and the walk home, Taliki will go with his mother to the family’s small potato farm where he will help her farm. Taliki doesn’t mind helping his mother but sometimes he gets really tired because he has had a very long day. At least today, Taliki could take his new handmade musical instrument home with him and make music all the way to the farm and back. 


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