16 weeks until Becky's Kili Climb...October 30 2012

So since last writing I have attempted to stick to a training program and not drink. For those that know me -as you can imagine, the former has gone more to plan than the latter. I am supposed to be able to do 20 mins on the stepper 'with ease'. Not sure about that definition - I am going with the meaning 'bores you after around 10 mins, legs ache at 20 min, glad to be off the thing' . This would all be ok if I didn't have to build this up to an hour over the next 10 weeks..

The other thing I have managed to do (this weekend) is a couple of 10 mile walks - one in the New Forest which was mostly flat, very pretty and on a beautiful Autumnal day. The other was in the torrential rain, up muddy slippery steep footpaths along the freezing British coast. I was on a GREAT mood that day. Anyhow, feeling like I have done more than I normally would on a weekly basis but given I have not managed to stop the weekend drinking and still eating the same rubbish food I can't honestly say I feel 'in training' just yet.

The most scared I have been about the impending trip was when asked how high Kili was I was rather surprised by my reply - 19,300 feet. Although I have of course known this all along, it seems to be sinking in around about now. Off to killer circuits now - should take me around a week to recover. Will keep you posted.


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Mike - 21:03 on 05/11/2012

Go Bex!

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