Naumbu Primary School

In early 2016 we finihsed renovations to Naumbu Primary, our 12th school. Resource developments and renovation at this school are currently benefitting the headteacher, teaching staff, over 500 primary students and nearly 80 pre-primary children.


What We Have Done

  • Interior renovation - Including painting, new floors, fixed roofs, new doors and windows. 
  • Rendered and painted exterior.
  • Provided new desks and chairs.
  • Provided new teachers desks, chairs and cupboards.
  • Renovated latrines.
  • Dug drainage channels and installed guttering and simtanks.
  • Provided a workshop on the importance of water sanitation and hygiene, and installed tippytaps. 


What We Plan To Do

  • Provide ontgoing headteacher capacity building.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with our partner schools and their community to listen to how we can support them in the future.
  • Collect schools data to monitor enrollment and achievement at the school. 
Naumbu Primary School