Mbuo Primary School

Mbou Primary is our 14th renovation and was completed in Janurary 2017. Renovations and future support at this school benefits 387 primary children, 67 pre-primary children and 15 teachers.


What We Have Done

  • Interior renovation - Including painting, new floors, fixed the roof, new doors and windows

  • Render and paint exterior 

  • Provide new desks and chairs 

  • Provide new teachers desks, chairs and cupboards

  • Renovate latrines

  • Dig drainage channels, and install guttering and simtanks

  • Provide a workshop on the importance of water sanitation and hygiene, and install tippy taps 


What We Plan To Do

  • Provide ongoing head teacher capacity building.

  • Maintain a good relationship with our partner schools and their communities whilst working towards ways we can help in the future.

  • Collect schools data.

Mbuo Primary School