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EdUKaid believes that educating children is key to ensuring a country’s long term development prosperity.

There are many complex challenges in education in Tanzania, in particular the Tanzanian Government highlight limited resources, fast growing school populations and low pass rates as the most pressing issues. Other connected problems are the high truancy and drop out rates due to fact that schools lack teacher’s, quality teaching and learning, but also because for many families the costs of schooling and hidden costs (contributions, uniforms, shoes, socks, books, pens and exam fees) are a real burden and therefore many children remain unable to access an education.


Improving School Resources and Facilities

We are working directly with schools to identify and address the areas of greatest need

Schools are in varying poor states of repair and lack core resources. We need to ensure these will not be a hindrance to learning.

Untouched for many years, the state of schools is in sharp contrast to the villagers’ clean and tidy homes: Broken desks litter the classrooms so that there are few desks for children to sit at; the classroom floor is pitted, broken, dirty and dusty; the walls are scarred, crumbling and dark with dirt; the blackboards are broken and glossy, unsuitable for chalking; the roofs are broken and there are no teachers’ desks.  Many schools also lack a latrine block (toilets). 

Through our ‘Schools Improvement Projects’ we are seeking to raise sufficient funds to improve the resources and facilities of schools in the Mtwara region.  Our aim is that this will not only enhance the teaching and learning occurring at primary schools by improving the basic fabric, resources and facilities but it will help create an environment where teachers want to teach, and learners want to learn. We want to partner with the schools and support them to a point of self sufficiency.

Introduction and Delivery of Pre Primary Classes

Helping Parents and Communities provide an early positive start for their children is one of our priorities

Currently with insufficient pre-primary schooling in Tanzania; children are entering formal education at primary school aged 6/7 unprepared. The children face difficulties with the level of curriculum and syllabus, and lack basic social skills and competencies with the abrupt transition to school.  As a result they begin their schooling already deprived.

Pre-primary education provides an important foundation for later learning.  It is a way to bridge the gap between home and elementary school and to prepare the children for primary education.  It plays a crucial role in nurturing key attitudes to learning, supporting educational achievement and improving the efficiency of primary education. 

We recognise that working with parents goes hand in hand with pre-primary education, to ensure they are engaged and involved in school matters from the outset of their children’s education.  

By the end of 2013 we had opened 7 pre-primary classes and they have been a huge success.  Attendance rates are nearly 100% demonstrating the children and families’ satisfaction.  The children are happy and enjoy singing, learning their alphabet and counting among other activities.  The presence of a pre-primary classroom and a dedicated pre-primary teacher (as opposed to a handful of small children gathering, unattended, under a tree) has attracted many more children to go to school. It has inspired and motivated local communities that schooling is being supported, as well as having a positive impact on the rest of the school.  EdUKaid is now working with other local Primary Schools to introduce and support additional pre-primary classes. To find out more Explore our Schools.


Support and Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Our child sponsorship scheme gives individuals (or donor bodies including corporate sponsors, schools, churches etc) in the UK the opportunity to support children in Mikindani who are in most need of finance and resources to go to, and stay on at school.

We have adopted the Tanzanian Government’s national strategy to support the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC), which, in practice, means working more closely with local communities, via the MVC committees, to identify particular children in need of support. 

EdUKaid has supported over 180 children since 2003.  Go to Support and Sponsorship to find out how you can support this project or why not Meet the Children?

Youth Training: Supporting Young Adults

In Tanzania hundreds of children leave the education system early (and many do not even get to secondary level). As a result they are unable to secure long term employment, simply because they do not have the knowledge or skills needed.

In Autumn 2012 we piloted an exciting new project that seeks to address this issue.

The overall aim of the project is to give those young adults, who have perhaps missed out on schooling or any kind of education an opportunity to get training or skills, so that they can successfully access the job market, or build a small business which will help improve their quality of life. We hope that with this support, individuals will grow in confidence, aim high and build on their skills. This is so badly needed to contribute to the national wealth of the country.

Learn more about this exciting project and how you can help and by looking at our Youth Training pages. We will also keep you posted on our News and Views page.

Local Job Opportunities and Training

Providing opportunities and training that is useful and relevant is at the heart of all of our projects. 

In order to deliver our projects successfully our local team is essential. We know that education and learning is critical for effective development and that every economic social and health issue can be improved by the provision of education. But we also want to support sustainable local economic development and increase local income, employment and capacity through education and training.

This is an area of our work that requires ongoing funding and support to keep the core work happening and our staff adequately resourced and supported.

Watch this space for details of additional future projects in this area.


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