About Us

Our mission is to make lasting changes by improving the provision and quality of education in the developing world... because we believe that to learn is to live

We are a very small and focused charity that operates in the UK, and also from a small office in Mikindani, Mtwara, Tanzania.

Our vision is for a world when where every child should get the education they need to realise their full potential and attain the skills to improve their life's circumstances.

Our Focus and Priorities

  • To improve the learning environment of the school
  • To give children a strong foundation for their future learning with the provision of quality pre-primary classes
  • To improve the teaching and learning at local government primary schools by improving basic school resources and facilities, and providing networking and training opportunities
  • To engage and involve parents in their children's schooling
  • To develop partnerships with local schools and communities that encourages greater stakeholder participation and ownership of school improvement initiatives

An important aspect of our work is building local capacity and supporting the professional development of our staff. We firmly believe that the community is the heart of development and positive change in the education sector.

We aim to continue to achieve as much as possible per donation, so that we can effectively deliver benefits on the ground. Ultimately our priority is to plan for the long term and create a more sustainable model across all of our projects. This will enable them to become locally run and independent of outside contributions and financial aid.

Contact Us

You can contact us using these details.

T: 01725 514612
E: admin@edukaid.com

EdUKaid, 1 Scotts Close, Downton
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 3RA, UK